Taco Bell will reopen at 7 Eleven next week, restaurant says

Taco Bell is open at 7Eleven in a new restaurant, but it’s not quite as exciting as it might seem.

The restaurant will reopen in early December with a limited menu and new staff.

It is also getting its own franchise tag.

The chain, which opened in a converted church in the city in the 1980s, is one of the few American fast-casual chains to survive the Great Recession.

But the restaurant has been struggling in recent years.

It was the first in Israel to close down, after its owners were fined for violating Israel’s export laws.

The Israeli government is currently looking for a new owner to buy the chain, and has also tried to shutter the restaurant, citing safety concerns.

It has threatened to sue Taco Bell, which has said it will continue operating.

Taco Bell said Wednesday that it is open for business at 711 N. 7th Street, which it has dubbed the “old 7 Eleven.”

It also has a new logo on its storefront.

But it will not reopen in its original location, which was closed after a fire that destroyed the building in 2011.

The move comes just days after Taco Bell announced plans to expand into the city of Tel Aviv.

The San Antonio-based chain has a large footprint in the Middle East, where it operates restaurants in the country’s capital, Tel Aviv, and in Jordan.