Former ‘Survivor’ franchise lawyer says she can’t ‘get behind’ the proposed deal

By Kate Hudson | 11:55am EST | Updated: 12:02pm EST The Madagascan franchise lawyer who was in charge of the franchise’s legal affairs when the show was shut down has slammed the proposal to buy out the remaining Madagas franchise.

The franchise lawyer, who did not want to be named, told Business Insider that the new deal would mean a loss of her client’s services and would be “not the best outcome for the franchise”.

“If we were to buy them out it would be the worst outcome for all the fans, I can’t get behind that,” she said.

The deal would be in the same form as the deal proposed by a group of investors, but without the rights to the ‘Survival’ brand.

In a press release issued yesterday, the group of buyers said they would be interested in purchasing the franchise “to enhance the value of the brand in the market and to strengthen the position of the Madagassan brand”.

It said it would consider options for the sale of the franchises, including buying them outright, with the rights “to the survival franchise”.

The franchise was one of the longest running shows on television, and it was not clear if the group who were interested in buying the franchise had a stake in it.

Madagas has been in the spotlight after it was found to have made illegal child labour, including paying workers as little as US$1.30 per hour to make it on the show.

The show is now owned by the company behind the hugely popular reality show The Voice, which was cancelled in February.

In an interview with US television network CBS, a lawyer for the group said they had “no intention” of buying the Madago franchise, but were open to discussing a possible deal.