Franchise Owner of the Mummy Franchise, the Mummified Franchise Owner, Becomes the Muppets First Franchise Owner

The Mummy franchise owner is currently in a bit of a slump.

The franchise owner, Michael A. Mumm, is now the owner of a new, more expensive Muppet franchise, the Tickle Me Muppet Franchise.

The new Muppet brand is not owned by the Muppet family, but by the new Muppeteers.

Michael A Mumm is a big fan of the original Muppet franchise, which ran from 1979-1983.

He has spent the past several years working on new Mummy franchises and is now putting his energies into his new franchise. 

He’s not the only one who is excited about this new franchise and his new brand.

Muppety-Franchise owner, James L. Hill, also recently took to Twitter to talk about the Mummies new brand and how they are creating a brand for children and their parents.

“It’s a brand with a brand and a personality that’s completely original and unique,” he said.

“So, I’m excited about it, and it’s a wonderful brand.

It’s going to bring us a new audience, and a new set of families, and I’m very excited about that.” 

I’m excited for our new Mumm franchise.

We have the most exciting, exciting team of Muppies to ever play on the big screen, with a unique, fresh, and creative approach to the Muggle world.

We’re building an exciting brand for Muppy fans and families.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to build a brand that will capture and capture and retain that Muppie spirit, and that is exactly what the Muggles are looking for.

It’ll give them a new family and new experience for their kids, and will be a way for Muggies to reconnect with the MUD, the family entertainment platform. 

James L.

Hill was recently interviewed by on their “Muppetcast” podcast.

He was also interviewed by the Huffington Post, and also gave an interview about his new Muggsy franchise.