Halloween movie franchise ups franchise with Up & Up franchise

The next installment in the Up & up franchise, the Up and Up: The Real Life Story, is out on September 13. 

The film stars Chris Pine as a father who decides to put his daughter up for adoption at age seven. 

His daughter is born with a rare condition that prevents her from breathing and the two of them have to adopt her. 

After a rocky start, the film makes a lot of money and makes an incredible impression. 

A couple of years later, Pine’s son goes on to become a movie producer, but his career quickly unravels when he is accused of sexually assaulting his stepfather. 

In a twist that leaves me with a great deal of hope, Pine is set to reprise his role as his son again in a new film called Up &Up. 

But while the new movie is scheduled to open on September 27, the franchise has decided to pull the plug on its sequel. 

“We can’t risk another film based on the original franchise, which has become one of the most successful of the last 40 years,” a company spokesperson told us in a statement. 

That’s not the end of the franchise. 

Up & Up 2 will be released in 2019.