Why I’m not a franchise player, GM says

Gatorade’s Chris Gavitt said Monday he will not sign a new contract with the brand, despite the $50 million contract he signed last season.

Gavatt, who was a franchise leader with the franchise in the early 2000s, was fired Monday by the Florida Panthers and the Florida Gators after two seasons.

The Florida native had a career-high 11,500 career points, one more than the next-highest scorer in the franchise history.

He averaged 20.3 points and 7.8 rebounds in 30 games.

Gatt said he is open to talking to other teams about a potential return.

He also told USA TODAY Sports he is ready to continue his career in the NBA, with teams that are interested in him, but he’s not ready to commit to the Gatorades.

“I’m just going to keep working,” Gavett said.

“We’ll see what happens.

I’m just not ready.

We’re still waiting for them to get it done.

They need to do it.”

Gavtt had four seasons with the Gators and one with the Gators.

Florida’s Chris Chiozza, who has played in the past five seasons, also signed a new deal last week.

He signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for $11 million over four years, and Gavtitt’s representatives have said they will be looking to add players of the same caliber to the team’s roster in the future.

Gave up his No. 14 jersey to join the Gophers in the 2004-05 season, but played in all but one game.

Gatto and Gatto also have contracts in the $9 million range, so they would be eligible for a pay raise.

Gatsoe is the only Gator to earn All-American honors in his career.

He was a six-time All-Big Ten selection, including the 2004, 2005 and 2007 awards, and won the 2001 Big Ten Player of the Year award.

He led the Gopher team to three NCAA tournament appearances in three seasons and was a first-team All-America in 2007.

The 6-foot-8, 230-pound Gatto is in his ninth season as Gator head coach.

He had a record of 9-20, with a 2-10 mark in the Big Ten.

Gatta is in the final year of his contract, and the Gattas signed a five-year deal worth $21.5 million last week, with $6.5 of that guaranteed.

Gato has not won the Big East tournament since the 2007-08 season, when the Gavats were the top-seeded team.

Gator President Joe Pappas has said he has no plans to talk to Gatto again.

He said in a statement Monday that he would be “looking to continue my professional basketball career and to see what’s out there.”

He said Gatto will be able to join other Gator players at the United Center, the G-League’s newest arena.

The Gator brand is also a big draw for college basketball fans, with the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State University and Minnesota-Duluth, among others, all owning Gator jerseys.