‘Atticus’ vs ‘Citizens United’ – What to watch for

Atticus Finch’s final movie will see him facing the death penalty after he was convicted of killing his wife.

The final instalment in the Atticus franchise will see his wife, Emmeline, be killed by the criminal who is also his nephew. 

It is a tale of a family torn apart, with the death of a beloved father and a son who both believe they have a right to the world. 

The final film will be a sequel to the 2012 Atticus series, but with a twist. 

Atticus Finch, played by Ben Affleck, will have to spend a year travelling the United States to meet Emmine (Rachel McAdams) and raise her as a woman. 

He is initially sent to the family farm, but is forced to work alongside Emmines mother, Adel (Shelley Duncan), as they help her and her son. 

“Citizens Uprising” will also see the return of the famous “Atticus” franchise, and will be based on a comic book book character. 

Although the film was written by Affleck and will feature his son Ben, it will also be based around the real life Atticus. 

There are also plans for a sequel that will also focus on the Attic family, with a different villain in the making. 

As the Attics continue to rebuild their lives, their nephews find themselves in the grips of a new criminal syndicate that seeks to destroy their lives and the Attici’s family. 

This new series, written by Christopher Guest and directed by Tim Burton, will see Affleck play the role of Atticus, who has been living in a fictional town of the Atticans since before he was born. 

 The film will also star Ryan Gosling and Alicia Vikander. 

In the end, this will be the last movie Affleck will be working on before his death in 2021. 

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