When Car Wash Franchise Gator Got Its Own Reality TV Show

It’s no secret that Car Wash franchise gator star, James Deen, has his sights set on a TV series based on his show.

Now, it seems that the star of the show has some kind of plan.

According to the UK website DailyMail, Deen and his wife are in talks with the BBC for a reality show.

Deen has already been in talks about a potential TV series that would be based on the Gator franchise.

He recently released his first album in six years.

This was in May.

Deon also has a new movie that’s expected to hit theaters in 2020.

According the DailyMail article, James and his fiancee, Lizzie, are looking for someone who can give the Gators a show.

They also said that James would like to be a reality star on TV.

The Deens are also interested in other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas.

Car Wash has a loyal following that’s made its own success out of James Deens signature style.

It’s also a major business for James, who also owns the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the UFC.

James Deen is a big fan of the Car Wash brand and wants to do more with it.

His passion is evident in the way he spends time in the home with his family and the car wash he uses.

Deens new album is the most popular of the year.

Car Washes are a family tradition that started with the family’s favorite food, hamburgers.

James has also worked with celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

James and Lizzia have been friends for over 20 years and have been married for nearly five years.

They own a home and a business called James Dees Home.

James and Lizzy have also been a part of numerous charitable causes.

The couple has donated more than $30 million to various charities.

The family is also active in the local business community and they are passionate about business.