How to make $4.5M in 2019 with your franchise owner

The NFL franchise owner position is an interesting one, as it allows you to make an additional $4 million per year, if you’re lucky enough to be the owner.

The salary is a bit of a tricky proposition, however, as there’s no guaranteed salary for the role.

In fact, it’s not even guaranteed to be earned until the first year of the franchise, meaning you’re not guaranteed a guaranteed salary in that first year.

That’s because the owner’s salary is only guaranteed for the first three years, and then the owner is guaranteed an additional year, so there’s an average of three years before your franchise is guaranteed to earn $4,500,000.

It’s possible that you could make a fortune, but it’s much more likely that you’ll get a little bit of an “oops” or “damn” if you do.

You’ll still be able to make a lot of money if you manage to land an owner in the first place, but the odds of landing one of the elite franchise owners is a little more slim.

That being said, if there’s one thing that you can count on, it would be the franchise owner.

It could be your favorite player, your franchise star, or your favorite assistant coach.

So it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for your franchise’s owner, and if you happen to land the right person, you should make sure to tell him or her before the franchise goes public.

Here are the most lucrative franchises in the NFL in 2019: 1.

Cleveland Browns owner: Paul Brown 2.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner: Mike Smith III 3.

Los Angeles Chargers owner: Norv Turner 4.

San Diego Chargers owner, Josh Kroenke 5.

Atlanta Falcons owner: Dave Caldwell 6.

Miami Dolphins owner: Al Davis 7.

San Francisco 49ers owner: Jim Harbaugh 8.

New Orleans Saints owner: Tom Benson 9.

Tennessee Titans owner: Steve Keim 10.

Philadelphia Eagles owner: Robert Kraft 11.

St. Louis Rams owner: Stan Kroenick 12.

Cincinnati Bengals owner: Skip Bayless 13.

Indianapolis Colts owner: Jimmy Haslam 14.

Dallas Cowboys owner: Jerry Jones 15.

New York Giants owner: Stephen Ross 16.

Carolina Panthers owner: Bob Kraft 17.

San Antonio Spurs owner: Mark Cuban 18.

Washington Redskins owner: Dan Snyder 19.

Tennessee Jaguars owner: Kevin Kolb 20.

Detroit Lions owner: Calvin Johnson 21.

Miami Ravens owner: Jed York 22.

Tennessee Steelers owner: Dick LeBeau 23.

Indianapolis Raiders owner: Jon Gruden 24.

Houston Texans owner: Wade Phillips 25.

New England Patriots owner: Charlie Weis 26.

Tennessee Cardinals owner: Rich McKay 27.

New Carolina Panthers owners: Dave Gettleman 28.

Baltimore Ravens owner/GM Dave Caldwell 29.

Pittsburgh Steelers owner/coach Mike Tomlin 30.

San Jose Chargers owner/general manager Mike Maccagnan 31.

Atlanta Eagles owner/director of football operations Josh McAdoo 32.

Cleveland Chargers owner Joe Banner 33.

San Manuel Islands owner/chief financial officer Mike Priefer 34.

Oakland Raiders owner/executive vice president of football development Chris Ballard 35.

Philadelphia Jets owner Mark Davis 36.

Oakland 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan 37.

Cincinnati Dolphins owner/president of football ops Dave Caldwell 38.

Kansas City Chiefs owner/head coach Andy Reid 39.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner/chairman emeritus Tom Coughlin 40.

Denver Broncos owner/General Manager John Elway 41.

Miami Hurricanes owner/probable franchise quarterback Matt Moore 42.

San Fran 49ers owners/general counsel John Lynch 43.

St Louis Rams owners/director/head athletic trainer Tony Sanchez 44.

San Juan Islanders owner/owner/general partner/chief operating officer John Fortuna 45.

Baltimore Colts owner/assistant general manager Mike Lombardi 46.

Buffalo Bills owner/team president Russ Brandon 47.

Cleveland Texans owner/vice president of player personnel Troy Vincent 48.

Jacksonville Chiefs owner Joe Schad 49.

Pittsburgh Panthers owner/NFL president Josh Whitman 50.

Kansas Chiefs owner Peter King 51.

Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff 52.

Los Angles Chargers owner Mark DeMuth 53.

Kansas Raiders owner Joe Iannone 54.

Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch 55.

Philadelphia Giants owner John Mara 56.

Oakland Athletics owner Lew Eisenberg 57.

St Petersburg Saints owner David Samson 58.

Washington Eagles owner David Parry 59.

New Jersey Devils owner Bob Quinn 60.

San Franciscan Giants owner/player development director Tom Condon 61.

Miami Marlins owner Jeff Luhnow 62.

Houston Astros owner Al Davis 63.

Arizona Cardinals owner David St. Pierre 64.

Chicago Bears owner George McCaskey 65.

Minnesota Vikings owner Peter Hailey 66.

St Charles County Executive Mitch Morrissey 67.

Pittsburgh Pirates owner Robert Jeffress 68.

Tampa Jets owner Scott Boras 69.

Tennessee Vikings owner Tom C. Loomis 70.

New Mexico State athletic director Rob Bostock