Blaze Pizza franchises franchise,australian retailer wins $7.4m in court

Fortune reports that Blaze Pizza has won a $7 million judgement against its former owners.

In December 2014, Blaze Pizza was a company owned by a group of people from New York City who were seeking to move their franchise from Manhattan to Arizona.

Blaze Pizza failed to meet the required closing date of September 2019, which would have given the franchise a new owner.

The franchisee sued the franchisee and several former franchisees, including former Blaze Pizza owner Andrew McDaniel.

The suit claimed that McDaniel had lied to franchisee shareholders about the business and failed to adequately invest in franchise operations.

The verdicts, which were filed by the Southern District of New York, was the latest in a string of legal battles between the company and former owners who filed a similar lawsuit in October.

Blaze also settled a wrongful termination lawsuit against former owners in February.

The Blaze Pizza brand has grown into a popular pizza restaurant chain, with a number of franchises serving up salads, sandwiches, pizza and other popular pizzas around the world.