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Restaurants like Chipotle and Panera Bread are moving to use virtual reality in their restaurants.

That’s a huge opportunity for the companies, which will get to create new kinds of experiences.

The company announced Wednesday that it is acquiring a $100 million franchisee, and it’s getting some of the first use of a new VR-capable vending machine.

The new franchisee will use the new device to make ordering in restaurants easier.

A customer will tap the machine to order a chicken burrito.

The machine will then scan the menu and then give the order to the person next to the counter.

The machines are being tested in some of Chipotle’s existing restaurants.

The new machines also will be used in Panera’s new fitness centers, which have been in the works for years.

The technology has been around for a while, and Chipotle is now the first restaurant to integrate it.

But Chipotle has also been working to make it better for people with different needs.

For example, the company said it has been working with the health-conscious to make the machines less intrusive, but also more convenient.

And Chipotle will soon add an additional feature, called a “mesh” that allows a customer to place multiple orders in one spot.