FIFA ‘finally’ accepts that Samba’s tax evasion case is a legal one

FIFA finally accepted that Sambo is a tax evasion and tax evasion matter.

The court’s ruling was published in its Official Journal on Friday, but FIFA’s official website did not mention it until it was taken down.

The FIFA Taxation Committee ruled that Sambu is a “tax-free” franchise under the “taxation” clause of its franchise agreement, but has no control over its finances.

The ruling does not make it clear what form the franchise will take.

The committee said it will “take further legal action” if Sambu does not comply with its obligations.FIFA said in a statement on Friday that it was “deeply disappointed” with the decision.

The decision comes a year after FIFA agreed to allow Sambu to play in the Copa America, despite the fact that it had been sanctioned for tax evasion by FIFA and its governing body, the Confederations Cup.

In its ruling, the tax committee said Sambu should have “implemented tax-efficient accounting procedures to ensure that the tax is properly and legally paid by the owner.”

“The committee found that Sams is not complying with its tax obligations and therefore, it is required to initiate a review of Sambu’s status as a tax-free franchise,” it said.

It is unclear whether Sambu will appeal the ruling, or if the FIFA Taxage Committee will take the case to the World Anti-Doping Agency, the organization that investigates sports corruption and other serious violations.