How to spot a ‘toy dog’ on the street

A man who used a toy dog to scare a neighbour has been jailed for two years.

Key points:The man, from Wollongong, South Australia, used the dog to make a nuisance callMr Williams had told police the dog was his son’s pet and was “somewhat annoying”Neighbours heard the man yell at the dog and then run awayHe told police he didn’t know if it was a toy or a real dogThe court heard the dog, called ‘Toy’, was “unruly” and aggressive, and it had been “barking” for more than an hour.

The court was told the man was making a nuisance phone call at his home at around 3am on March 31, 2016, and he had been told to leave.

He heard a loud barking and heard “a big, angry dog barking”.

He got up to investigate and found a toy toy dog, with a leash attached, barking at him.

Mr Williams told police it was his “son’s toy” and it was “not an ordinary dog”.

He said he was shocked to see the dog with its head down and was shocked by its barking, and then he saw the man’s son running out of the house.

The man was also told to take it outside and keep it there.

The Court heard the owner had not called police, but had said “we had to call the police”.

Mr Williams, who was on bail at the time, had told officers he had “a bit of a problem with that dog” and had “tried to calm the dog down”.

“We are going to get this thing out of here,” he told police.

Police arrived and found the man and the dog in a “very bad state”.

Mr Wilkins told them he didn.

“I just took it outside to try and calm it down, because it was really aggressive,” he said.

He told the court he had told the neighbour that the dog belonged to him, and the man had been threatening him.

The judge said the man “cannot be trusted” and ordered him to be held in custody until a date in May.

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