How the Cowboys have reinvented themselves as a football club

Posted November 12, 2018 07:23:53In his first year in charge of the Cowboys, Phil Gould has created a squad that looks as formidable as it did in 2015.

The club’s new look is one that is in stark contrast to the last few seasons, which saw the Cowboys struggle to find a way to win football matches.

The current squad of 17 is arguably the best in the AFL and is expected to perform even better than the ones that won the premiership last year.

“They’ve made a real change,” Cowboys coach Craig Bellamy said.

“When you’re on the outside looking in, you don’t know how well they are.”

We’re starting to build a really good squad.

“Key points:What do the Cowboys need to do to become better than their 2016 season?

The club has signed a new coach and is now building a squad.

Why do the team are so good?

It has been a tough year for the Cowboys in the last three years, as they lost four of their first five games.

After the club’s premiership win in 2018, it was a similar story.

They had a decent start to the season but struggled to get anything going in the win column and then, after finishing in 10th place last year, they fell to sixth.

The Cowboys are now hoping to get their first win since the 2017 season, as the competition resumes this week with the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne.”

I don’t think we’ve been as consistent as we’ve wanted to be in terms of results,” Gould said.

The squad has been built by Gould and the coaching staff over the course of the year.

They have been heavily involved in their players’ training sessions and the team is preparing for a trip to the Western Derby on Friday night, when they host the Collingwood-Essendon Bombers.

The coach also said that there were some key players that had come through the system, including Luke Keary and Josh Jenkins, who have been able to make the jump to the AFL.”

Those guys, they’re not going to be too happy if they don’t get to see that team play,” Gould told”

Their experience will be invaluable for us and they’ll be playing in the premiers cup, they’ll have a real competitive mindset and they will learn from what we’ve done and we’re building a really exciting team.

“The new-look Cowboys are expected to have a competitive side as well.

They are not expecting to go down easily, as some of their veterans will be returning from injury and have played a significant role in the team’s recent form.”

A lot of players have come through that system,” Gould added.”

You can’t just sit back and expect the same level of results.