How to build a £1bn Dunkin’ Donuts franchise in the UK

With Dunkin Donuts’ franchise cost in the region of £1 billion, it seems a good time to look at how it could be done.

Read more about Dunkin:The new franchise is owned by US burger giant Chipotle and has a range of popular restaurants.

It is currently one of the most popular burger chains in the US with a population of nearly half a million.

Its franchises can be expanded in different locations around the UK, with Dunkin now being in 11 locations, including the capital’s Docklands. 

The franchise has the potential to generate around £10bn in new revenue and is also the largest franchise in Britain, with more than 30 locations.

Dunkin’ has also recently made a series of deals with restaurants in the capital, such as the creation of a new Dunkin Market and the acquisition of a burger chain, The Corner.

Dunkins popularity in the West Midlands has seen it make a number of large franchising deals, including an £8m deal to take over a Burger King in Birmingham and a £15m deal with Pizza Hut in the Midlands.