‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ to cost $150 million and have more than 100 characters

The first film in the franchise is set for release on Friday, and Warner Bros. has begun prepping its first movie in the series, starring Chris Pine as Lt.

Commander Sulu.

The movie will have at least 100 characters and will be the first of two in the Star Trek franchise, and it is set to be directed by Roberto Orci, who worked on Star Trek Beyond and Star Trek Into Darkness.

“We’re just getting started on the franchise,” Orci said in a press conference at the Hollywood premiere of the new movie.

“It’s really exciting.

It’s really, really exciting.”

Orci was speaking at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood, where the first film, Star Trek: Insurrection, was released last year.

Paramount Pictures is expected to announce a third film in Star Trek after Star Trek.

The latest film in franchise is expected in 2019.

Orci has said that the Star Wars movie was the biggest project he has ever worked on, and that he wants to keep making Star Trek films.

He has been working on Star Wars for more than 10 years and has directed at least six other films, including Star Trek, Independence Day, and Revenge of the Sith.

He recently wrapped filming on the third film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

It was announced in October that Orci will write and direct the fourth and final Star Trek film, due out in 2019, with the writer and director of the Star Tours movie, Simon Pegg, returning to helm.

“He’s a big Star Trek fan, and I think he’s going to do a great job on it,” Orca said.

The new movie will be directed and co-written by Orci.

Orca and Pegg worked together on the 2012 Star Trek reboot, which starred Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana.

Orcs recent projects include the film The Imitation Game, and he is currently developing a movie about a robot that will be released next year.

Orc is a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars.

“I love Star Trek,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2015.

“There are so many stories that you can tell.

And I think it’s one of the great franchises of all time.”

He also has worked with Chris Hemsworth on Star War: The Force Awakens.